Airsense Smart WiFi Air Monitor & Purifier

Airsense Smart WiFi Air Monitor & Purifier

Airsense Smart WiFi Air Monitor & Purifier

The smart design of the AirSense Air Monitor and Ionic Purifier is perfect for keeping tabs on the air quality, temperature, and humidity of any room. Control and track the air quality using this device and free iBaby Care app.


WiFi-based Air Quality Monitor

AirSense is a WiFi-based air quality monitor and air purifier (Ion). It has temperature and humidity sensors and the ability to detect VOC, dust and pollen with PM 2.5 sensor.

Free App

Equipped with a free app, AirSense tracks the environment, sends smart alerts, and daily/weekly/monthly room reports to the user’s mobile device.

Audio Speakers and HomeKit Integration

The gadget also features audio speakers, HomeKit integration capabilities, and tips and reminders. It is equipped with RGB lights that change colors based on air quality or just act as a smart light.

Intuitive UI

AirSense has a simple and intuitive UI with integrated air station. Users can see air quality in other locations on the map and make comments. The app offers solutions while detecting the problems.


How does AirSense track air quality?

AirSense uses temperature and humidity sensors, as well as a PM 2.5 sensor to detect VOC, dust, and pollen in the air.

Can I control AirSense remotely?

Yes, AirSense can be controlled and monitored remotely using the free iBaby Care app.


The AirSense Smart WiFi Air Monitor & Purifier is a versatile and innovative device that not only monitors air quality but also purifies the air. With its smart features and intuitive app, it provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining a healthy indoor environment.