Leitz 5 A4 Drawer Cabinet, Organiser, Post Set, Dark Grey

Leitz 5 A4 Drawer Cabinet, Organiser, Post Set, Dark Grey

Leitz 5 A4 Drawer Cabinet, Organiser, Post Set, Dark Grey

The Leitz Post Set in grey is a sturdy set for keeping and collecting A4 documents, stationery, etc. Complements other Leitz desk accessories. Five easy glide drawers with stops to prevent the drawer falling out. Stay-shut drawer system, one push and the drawer remains closed. Supplied with snap-on label holder and label for easy retrieval of documents. Non-slip protective rubber feet keep the unit secure on the desktop and they are stackable up to three high for space saving.

Set Contains:

  • 1 x Leitz Post Set Filing Unit
  • 5 x Snap on label holders

About this item

Five-drawer cabinet with dark grey drawers and light grey housing for organising and storing A4 size documents, pens, makeup, cables, kitchen utensils, medicine or remote controls for home or office use. Five drawers for A4 documents, drawers stay shut with one push and stop mechanism prevents them from falling out. Ergonomic cut-out handles for easy open/close, quick identification and retrieval of contents with the easy to write snap-on label holders supplied. Mix and match with other products from the Leitz post range, stack up to three for maximum space efficiency. Rubber feet on bottom keeps cabinet from slipping, made of plastic for an elegant look that lasts, smooth, easy to clean surface.


One Leitz A4 Drawer Cabinet, 5 Drawer Organiser, dimensions (W x H x D): 35.5 x 28.5 x 29 cm, weight: 3.15 kg, material(s): Plastic, colour: Dark Grey, post set, 52800089

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Can the drawers be locked?
  2. No, the Leitz 5 A4 Drawer Cabinet does not come with a locking mechanism.

  3. Can the cabinet be wall-mounted?
  4. No, the cabinet is designed to be placed on a desktop or stacked up to three high.

  5. Are additional label holders available?
  6. Yes, additional snap-on label holders can be purchased separately.


The Leitz 5 A4 Drawer Cabinet is a versatile and stylish solution for organizing and storing A4 documents, stationery, and other items. With its easy glide drawers, stay-shut drawer system, and snap-on label holders, it offers convenience and efficiency. The dark grey drawers and light grey housing add a touch of elegance to any home or office space. Whether used individually or stacked up to three high, this cabinet is a space-saving and functional choice.