Mishimoto Universal 25-Row Oil Cooler

Mishimoto Universal 25-Row Oil Cooler

Mishimoto Universal 25-Row Oil Cooler

Every street or track vehicle demands a reliable and efficient cooling system. High oil temperatures accelerate oil degradation and can result in increased engine wear and potential failure of internal components. The Mishimoto universal 25-row oil cooler is the perfect upgrade for extending engine life and ensuring the proper lubrication of engine components while maintaining ideal oil temperatures. This oil cooler is nearly 2 inches thick and has an overall oil capacity of .44 qt.


  • 25-row stacked-plate oil cooler for optimal fluid temperature reduction
  • Overall Size: 12.95″ x 8.35″ x 1.97″
  • Core Size: 11″ x 7.32″
  • Inlet & Outlet: -10AN
  • Rows: 25
  • Core Thickness: 1.97″
  • Available in Sleek Silver, Stealth Black, or Bold Gold

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this oil cooler fit any vehicle?

Yes, the Mishimoto Universal 25-Row Oil Cooler is designed to fit a wide range of vehicles. However, some modifications may be required for installation.

2. How does this oil cooler improve engine performance?

By reducing oil temperatures, this oil cooler prevents oil degradation and ensures proper lubrication of engine components. This leads to improved engine performance and extended engine life.

3. Is professional installation required?

While professional installation is recommended, experienced DIY enthusiasts can install this oil cooler with the necessary tools and instructions provided.


The Mishimoto Universal 25-Row Oil Cooler is a must-have upgrade for any vehicle. With its stacked-plate design and optimal fluid temperature reduction, it ensures the longevity of your engine and enhances overall performance. Choose from three stylish colors to match your vehicle’s aesthetic. Invest in this oil cooler and experience the benefits of improved engine lubrication and reduced oil temperatures.