RUDRADIVINE: Vastu Purush Pyramid Yantra

RUDRADIVINE: Vastu Purush Pyramid Yantra

RUDRADIVINE: Vastu Purush Pyramid Yantra

Are you looking for a powerful Vastu remedy for your home or office? Look no further than RUDRADIVINE’s Brass Vastu Purush Pyramid Yantra. This 9×9 inch Vastu Space Harmonizer is a complete Vastu solution that can effectively correct serious and bigger Vastu defects in any space.

Features of the Vastu Purush Pyramid Yantra

  • Design derived from ancient scriptures and texts
  • Corrects Vastu defects to a high degree in an area of 100 meters
  • Removes 70 to 80% of negative energies from the surrounding
  • Eight smaller pyramids with Vastu Yantras beneath the centre pyramid

Mystic Benefits

  • Clears blockages due to negative energy
  • Makes premises more vibrant in a positive way
  • Neutralizes serious Vastu defects
  • Clears toxic aura from the premises
  • Brings frequent joyful moments in family life

Installation of Vastu Yantra Space Harmonizer

  • Place in the centre of the house or the north-east zone
  • Ensure the Vastu Purush head points towards the north-east
  • Students can place it on their study desk for enhanced academic performance

Highly recommended by Vastu experts and consultants, the Vastu Purush Pyramid Yantra is a complete Vastu remedy for home and office. It weighs 2.3 kg and is a powerful space harmonizer that can bring positive energy and joy to your life.

Get your Vastu Purush Pyramid Yantra today and experience the transformative power of Vastu remedies!