Tripp Lite 14 Outlet Network-Grade Rackmount PDU

Tripp Lite 14 Outlet Network-Grade Rackmount PDU

Tripp Lite 14 Outlet Network-Grade Rackmount PDU

Are you looking for a reliable power distribution solution for your network cabinets or server rooms? Look no further than the Tripp Lite 14 Outlet Network-Grade Rackmount PDU. With its surge protected power strip and 15ft cord, this PDU is designed to meet the needs of modern data centers.


1. Network-Grade Power Distribution

The Tripp Lite PDU provides 14 outlets, allowing you to connect multiple devices and distribute power efficiently. It is designed to handle the power demands of network equipment, ensuring stable and reliable operation.

2. Surge Protection

Protect your valuable equipment from power surges with the built-in surge protection of this PDU. It safeguards your devices from voltage spikes and transient surges, preventing damage and downtime.

3. Rackmount Design

The rackmount design of this PDU allows for easy installation in standard 19-inch racks. It saves valuable space in your network cabinet or server room, making it an ideal choice for environments with limited space.

4. Long Power Cord

The 15ft power cord provides flexibility in placing the PDU in your network setup. It allows you to connect devices that are located far from the power source, giving you more freedom in organizing your equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I mount this PDU vertically?

A: Yes, the Tripp Lite PDU can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs and available space.

Q: Does this PDU have overload protection?

A: Yes, this PDU is equipped with overload protection to prevent damage to your devices in case of power overload.

Q: Can I daisy chain multiple PDUs together?

A: Yes, you can daisy chain multiple Tripp Lite PDUs together to expand your power distribution capabilities.


The Tripp Lite 14 Outlet Network-Grade Rackmount PDU is the perfect power distribution solution for network cabinets and server rooms. With its surge protection, rackmount design, and long power cord, it provides reliable and efficient power distribution for your valuable equipment. Don’t compromise on the quality of your power supply – choose Tripp Lite.